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Public Relations Writer, Experienced Communicator.

Finding the right words for a specific situation or audience is a struggle for many people.
Words, phrases and messages are my line of work. Like turning on a faucet, the right words flow out and the communication process is well on its way. Yet for many, creating messages is a lengthy, awkward process resulting in grammatically incorrect and ineffective material. Many toil over the writing process and fret about ways to reach their customers, wasting time and money.

I can solve these problems for your organization and help you overcome your communication challenges. As an audience-focused writer trained in public relations, I help small businesses and non-profits reach their customers by tailoring messages to the people they want to reach. I write messages that make sense to readers, and I can help you develop streamlined plans to reach your communication goals. 

So, if you need engaging content for your website, a well-researched article for a newsletter or mailing, a compelling speech for a conference or an entire public relations program for your event or organization, please contact me so we can discuss your goals and make a plan.

Kristi Ward
p: 216-258-7851216-258-7851
t: twitter@kristiward11




~ Copywriting, Copy Critique ~
~ Social Media ~Targeted messages ~
~ Creative story angles ~ PR Strategy ~
 ~ Quick turn around on copy ~


Kristi Ward was perhaps my most highly regarded employee during my 18 years at Time Warner. Her skills as a writer, strategist, and creative counselor were recognized corporate-wide. Equally important, Kristi conducted herself with class and a positive attitude that made her an excellent ambassador for our company. She set the standard by which I judged all future employees.

- Bill Jasso
Former VP of Communications
Time Warner Cable
Current Professor of Practice
Newhouse School of Public Communication
Syracuse University


Nov. 2012 -- I received an Apex Award from Lake Communicators for my work promoting the Regional Watch and Clock Show for the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. Thank you NAWCC and Lake Communicators!

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